10 amazing uses for Nivea cream

Nivea Cream

Let’s face it, cosmetic products are not cheap. Moisturizers, serums, make-up removers, toners etc. the list is long and the bill is high. But who says you have to spend money to take care of yourself? If marketing pushes you to consume more and more, you should know that it is possible to find versatile products that will not leave you broke. Among them, the famous Nivea cream. This little blue bottle that can be found in every bathroom cupboard could be used for many purposes. We tell you more in our beauty focus.


Prized by our mothers and grandmothers, Nivea cream has more than one use. If they used it mainly to moisturize their skin, you can use it in many other ways.


10 unusual uses for Nivea cream 


Because it is not only used to moisturize your body, Nivea cream is also :


1) An anti-aging cream 


Applied morning and night to cleansed skin, Nivea cream can help you plump up your skin texture and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. To do this, simply apply a small amount of cream and move outwards to smooth your skin.


2) A concealer


Tired of dark circles and bags under your eyes that make your face look dull? Massage your eye area morning and night with Nivea cream. If you come into contact with your eyes, rinse immediately.


3) A makeup remover 


If you come home from a party and realize you’ve run out of makeup remover to get rid of all the makeup you’ve put on your face, don’t panic! A little Nivea cream on a cotton pad and you’re done! Because of its oily texture, it is advisable to clean your face right after.


4) A moisturizing lip balm 


To avoid chapped lips in winter, there’s nothing like using Nivea cream as a moisturizing balm throughout the day.


5) An anti-calluses cream 


An unstoppable tip to get rid of calluses on your feet, elbows and knees! Apply Nivea cream every night to the driest areas of your body and you’ll see impressive results in just a few days.


6) An anti-stretch mark cream 


Pregnant women will be delighted to discover this way of using the blue jar cream. To prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, apply Nivea cream to your belly regularly. Your postpartum body will thank you for it.


7) A cream to relieve skin irritations 


In these times of health crisis, many people suffer from skin irritations due to excessive hand washing. To remedy this, apply Nivea cream to the irritated areas. It is extremely moisturizing and also has a soothing effect.


8) A cream to soothe sunburn 


It goes without saying that prolonged exposure to the sun is completely prohibited. But if you’ve been desperate to take advantage of this source of vitamin D and forgot to protect your skin, you can relieve sunburn with this multi-purpose cream.


9) A post-waxing soothing cream 


Shaving and waxing can irritate your skin. To soothe it, you can use Nivea cream after each waxing.


10) A cream to treat minor burns 


Of course, these are only small, superficial burns. But to avoid poor healing, you can use Nivea cream for better cell restructuring.