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10 ways to reuse tea bags instead of throwing them away

10 things you can do with tea bags instead of throwing them away

A cup of hot tea is an excellent way to relieve flu-like conditions, colds, and even to aid digestion. The benefits of this drink, however, go much further. By saving the tea bags, you can reuse them for other occasions. For example, you can soothe a sunburn or fertilise the roses in your garden.

Want to know all the amazing uses for tea bags? Just watch this video!

Relieving a sunburn

Sunburn tea Bag

Black tea contains tannic acid, which is known to have astringent and soothing properties. A hot tea bag placed on the burnt area of the skin calms the sensation of heat, which is the first step in healing a sunburn.

Tea Bags for Invigorating tired eyes

Tea Bags for Invigorating tired eyes

The tannins in black tea have a calming and soothing effect on swollen and tired eyes. The next time you prepare a hot tea, put the tea bags in a container in the refrigerator for up to two days. In the morning, apply the cold tea bags and you will quickly notice an improvement in your eyes.

Household burns

The same tannins that work on swollen eyes are an excellent remedy for minor household burns. As with the previous tip, apply a cold tea bag stored in the refrigerator for no more than two days.

Treat your hair

Tea works on the hair by controlling dandruff and adding shine to the hair. Try massaging your scalp with a cup of your favourite flavour of tea, leaving for at least an hour from the time of preparation.

Treat warts

The oxidising agents in the tea block the growth of warts. Apply a cooled tea bag to the spot and hold it with a tight bandage. After 15 minutes remove the bandage and replace the tea bag with a new one, and keep it on for another 15 minutes. Repeat for 2 days.

Eliminating the smell of shoes

When you wear shoes all day, it is normal that they can have an unpleasant smell. To eliminate this, you put a tea bag on them, this time not wet. The odours will be absorbed by the bag.

Fertilising the plants

The tannic acid content of tea leaves lowers the pH of the soil. Acidic soil means a less hospitable place for fungi to grow and more luxuriant growth of certain plants, such as roses.

Removing encrustations from dishes

Removing encrusted food from pots, pans and dishes can be difficult and especially annoying. Soak dishes with a tea bag in hot water.

Wiping mirrors

To get shiny mirrors, steep a few tea bags, then dip a cloth in the cooled tea. Wipe it over the mirror and see the difference!

Remove odours from hands

Touching garlic, onions or other pungent foods can leave an unpleasant smell on your fingers, even after washing them several times. The solution is to wash them with a tea bag.

Even more ways to reuse your Tea Bags

Kick Infection Out

Well, actually a tea bag will draw infection out. So if you have a boil or another skin issue involving infection just place a damp tea bag on it. It should pull the infection out and help the sore heal. Just make sure the tea bag is clean.

So how much better does it get that a household item can help you heal an infection?

Use Your Tea Bags To Make You Kissable

Do you struggle with bad breath? If you have sinus issues or maybe, if you just love onions and garlic then you struggle with having a bad odor in your mouth.

Well, if that fits you then just use an old tea bag and brew a weaker tea. Then swish it in your mouth. You can even use flavored teas to get a little extra scent.

Refurbish Your Wood Surfaces

Do you have beautiful old furniture that has gone through some wear and tear? If so, don’t toss the furniture. Just use your old tea bags to refurbish it.

Tenderize Your Meat

If you’ve had to purchase meat tenderizer lately, you probably know that it isn’t cheap. We had to purchase a lot this past year when we used deer meat to make sausage.

Now, I wish I had known then that tea would’ve accomplished the same thing. You just sprinkle it on the meat and work it in. Then you’ll have tenderized meat.

Give Your Roses A Kick In The Pants

If you’d like to give your roses a boost or a kick in the pants don’t waste your money on expensive fertilizers. Instead, use the tea that you probably already have on hand.

So you’ll just sprinkle tea around your rose bushes and watch them thrive. You can also water them with the weak tea water too.

Evict Unwanted House Guests

Mice do not love tea. Like, not in the slightest. That is great news for us, though. Because we don’t like have uninvited visitors that don’t stop and chat. They just leave a nasty little trail behind them for us to clean up.

So to give your unwanted house guests the boot just leave out your old tea bags in areas where they like to invite themselves in at. They won’t like the smell and will quit coming around.

Teabags Can Be A Degreaser

Grease is a nasty part of cooking. And unfortunately, if you don’t clean it good enough you will begin drawing bugs and other nasty unwanted houseguests.

But you can beat the grease. How? With your used teabags. Just rub them over the surface and wipe. The grease should come right up.

Tea bags Are Good For Your Mouth

Do you have bleeding gums? It happens from time to time. But sometimes your gums just get inflamed and bothersome.

Well, don’t suffer anymore. Just place a used teabag on your gum at the spot of inflammation. Tea bags are great for gum health; it should help to soothe that area.

Say So Long To Poison Ivy

I am extremely fortunate because poison ivy does not impact me. But my oldest son is not so fortunate. He can barely brush up against it and it will be all over him in no time.

So when you find yourself in this state don’t suffer. Instead, get a damp used tea bag and rub it all over your rash. It should clear it up in no time.

Plant Food

If you drink tea and grow ferns then you won’t have to spend your hard earned money on plant food. Just pour weak brewed tea over your plant. Or open the used teabags and sprinkle it over your plants.

Used Teabags Are Also Good For Your Planters

Do you plant your flowers and vegetables in planters? I have a few that I do that way for various reasons.

Well, then use your used teabags inside your planters. You can place the teabags at the bottom of the planters and then it will help retain water and fertilize simultaneously. While you’re at it, toss your tea bags into your compost bin and enrich it so your non-potted plants can reap benefits of your tea-drinking too.

Use Your Teabags For Bug Bites

That’s right, friends, teabags can heal minor ailments like a bug bite or a bruise. Who would have ever thought? Not me, to be honest.

If you have a nasty bruise that you want to clear up quickly then rub dampened used tea bags on your skin.