9 reasons why you should use Vaseline


Vaseline, Renowned for its benefits to the skin, petroleum jelly is the leading product for nourishing, soothing and healing chapped skin. However, this moisturizing ointment has many more benefits than you might think. 

Vaseline, this greasy product that we often leave at the bottom of our closet, has unsuspected virtues. It can moisturize dry and irritated skin or split hair; it is the ideal product to have on hand at all times.


Doctor Myriam Cohen, pharmacist explains that Vaseline moisturizes, firms and smoothes the skin, which reduces the visibility of wrinkles. “It allows to keep the water content of the skin and avoids the degradation process”, she adds. In addition, the expert advises using pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly that meets the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia. In its medicinal form, it is pure and contains no harmful substances and is even recommended for fragile and damaged skin.


Here is how to use Vaseline and why you should always have some at home:


– Skin radiance

lack of time, stress and a busy schedule, and you don’t have time to apply makeup! Don’t panic, use a little Vaseline on your forehead, cheekbones and the outer corner of your eyes. This will leave your skin glowing and your complexion luminous.


– Lip care

With the cold weather and climate change, lips tend to dry out and suffer from chapping. If you don’t have a lip balm, use petroleum jelly, which will be just as effective. Simply apply a thin layer of this ointment to your lips; it will soften and moisturize your lips and restore their smoothness.


– Wrinkles

As we age, we can’t escape wrinkles. And often anti-wrinkle creams are ineffective and costly. The solution lies in the use of Vaseline to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Apply a thin layer of this ointment to crow’s feet and other facial wrinkles at night before bedtime. Your skin will be better hydrated and gain elasticity.


– Skin protection

This little-known trick consists of applying a thin layer of Vaseline to the hairline during coloring. The ointment will act as a barrier to protect the skin from stains that can occur when dyeing the hair.


– Cracks in the feet

Dry feet and wearing uncomfortable shoes create pressure on the foot. As a result, the skin cracks and fissures appear and can even become painful. In this case, apply a layer of Vaseline to the feet and cover them with a sock overnight. They will remain soft and moisturized.


– Nail polish application

If you’re worried about your nail polish spilling out when you use it, apply petroleum jelly around the cuticles. You won’t have to spend money in beauty salons when with this technique, you can do a neat and clean manicure, yourself.


– Unruly hair

Whether you have curly hair or dry, split ends, Vaseline is the answer. Vaseline’s thick texture helps structure unruly hair and moisturize the ends for a better hair look.


– Razor Protection

The multi-purpose ointment has more than one trick up its sleeve. And the razor also finds its account there. To keep your razor from rusting, apply a layer of Vaseline to its metal surface to better protect it.


– Long-lasting fragrance

You can smell good for longer with Vaseline. Just use this trick to apply a little Vaseline to the pulse points where you usually spray your perfume. Then put on your favorite perfume. This will prolong its scent throughout the day.