8 signs that your cat is dying

Cat Lying On Floor

After spending many years with a pet, you become so attached to it that you wish it would live forever. Unfortunately, like us, animals are not immortal. At some point, they die. Some people find it very hard to part with their dog or cat, especially if it filled a big emotional void. However, as most people will tell you, the weeks leading up to his or her departure are the hardest to get through. Feeling the pain and loss of your pet is a very painful time to experience. In denial, many cat owners refuse to face reality. However, there are indeed some very telling signs that the end is near. Is it time to say goodbye? To prepare you for this fate and to comfort him to the end, we’ll reveal eight signs that your fur ball is dying.

Because they are so independent and self-reliant, cats hate to feel weak and vulnerable. Also, when they get sick, they have the ability to hide it. But there are certain changes in its behaviour that should alert you. You need to watch your pet’s actions to see if it’s time to say goodbye. Even though it’s not easy to see your cat suffering, you should look out for certain signs: sudden weight loss, poor mobility, a neglected appearance or a lack of interest in his toys.