18 surprising moments caught on camera at weddings

Wedding photos are among the most important pictures in one’s life and are usually passed from generation to generation. Nevertheless, it happens that some moments are not as beautiful as expected… The following images will make you laugh, shock you and even scare you! Yes, yes, they are indeed wedding pictures…

1. Did this man really marry the woman of his life?


2. Who is that behind it???


3. The girl isn’t exactly thrilled with the wedding, it seems.


4. Big file!


5. A marriage that falls apart.

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6. Another one apparently delighted to be there…

7. A fall at the wrong time…

8. “My sister asked me to buy the newspaper on her wedding day. This is what it said on the front page: ‘Fatal mistake.’


9. Who says a wedding cake is mandatory?

10. A second before the husband’s rather violent fall…

11. When the bride and groom aren’t very tall, there is a way to fix the problem:


12. “My boyfriend appeared at the place where the bride and groom were expected…”


13. Would she be ashamed of her family?

14. This wedding was interrupted by first aid training…


15. This one is original 🙂


16. The party has already started for some!

17. The legless bride.


18. “I found my wife asleep in the hallway after our wedding party.”

We don’t know if these photos will be shown to future generations, but one thing is for sure, they are out of the ordinary… Do you have any similar ones on hand?