34+ Awkward Family Photos That Should Never Have Happened

Awkward Family Pet Photos New Book

Family portraits are one of those things that almost everyone has to go through at some point. However, whether you are a child or a parent, family photos can often be daunting. A photographer must be found, everything must be scheduled, and everyone, (even children) has to get dressed up to go sit patiently while their photo is taken. So, it’s no surprise that some family portraits turn out slightly weird, like pretty much every single photo on this list.

If a scientist were to know nothing else about biology and just go off of this one photo, then they might think that weirdness simply runs in the family. We’re not sure what is going on here or what this family is wearing on their heads but it certainly makes for an interesting photo. It even gives us alien vibes, but like cool, harmless aliens and not like horror movie vibes.

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And like in most family photos, there is always the one child that absolutely does not want to be there and shows it. In this case, it’s the little boy on the left, but his brother seems to be enjoying himself.

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