8 things your mother hid from you all your life

Motherhood is an important transition in a woman’s life. But it is true that this experience can also be particularly difficult. In addition to the happy moments, there are also times when a mother is exhausted from all her responsibilities. Yet these everyday heroines often keep their emotions to themselves in order to focus on their children’s happiness. Here are 8 things your mother will probably hide from you all your life.

No matter what difficulties they face, moms are known for their courage and bravery in the face of life’s trials. Indeed, when they raised us, their daily life was sometimes far from being a long quiet river. However, they always rose to the occasion despite their exhaustion.

Often, we made life difficult for them. And this is one of those things they don’t tell us. To pay tribute to them and their tireless efforts, discover 8 things a mom will never reveal in order to keep her child happy.

1. You are the reason she cried so much

From the announcement of the pregnancy to the delivery, and then throughout the years she spent by your side, your mom often cried for you. She cried with joy when she found out she was pregnant. But she also cried with concern when you got sick or shed tears of pride at your every accomplishment.

2) She also wants that last bite

Without telling you, your mother also wants that last piece of chocolate or piece of pie. But out of love, she gives you the privilege and puts you first. The most important thing in her eyes is your happiness.

3. She is always worried about you

When she was carrying you in her womb, she was already worried about what would happen to you. Years later, her worries still haven’t gone away. Whether you’re out partying with friends or traveling somewhere, your mom is constantly thinking about your well-being and safety.

4. She suffered during her pregnancy

If these 9 months go by without too many difficulties for some women, others suffer the full force of pregnancy symptoms. These can include headaches, nausea and pain. But your mother will never blame you for this.

Sometimes, they had to brave particularly difficult moments of childbirth. The very touching story of a Russian mother had moved many Internet users. And for good reason, in order to bring her baby into the world gently, she chose to give birth in the open sea.

5. She is not perfect

She can make mistakes because after all, she is human. So it’s best not to get upset every time she makes one or pays too much attention to you. If she does, it’s only because she cares about you!

6) She loves to watch you

When you are with her, looking at you is probably one of her favorite pastimes. It’s probably the same when you’re sleeping and every little step you take in life.

7) When you cry, her world falls apart

Crying unhappy boy hugging his mother. Mom comforting little child after sorrow. Family relations problems.

Every time she finds out that you are suffering and going through a painful situation, she also suffers from that grief and suffers just as much as you do, if not more. And that’s why she comforts you and helps you get through it.

8. it is difficult for her to let you go

child girl daughter in an embrace his mother

You’ve been by her side since you were born, so it’s very difficult for her to let go of you, even though she understands that you need your independence. She has dedicated her life to you for many years, making you as much a part of her daily life as she has been in yours. For this reason, always make sure you take care of her, check on her and have her by your side. Sometimes a simple phone call is all it takes to brighten your parents’ day and show them that you love them and are thinking of them.