A woman says her cat saved her life: “Thanks to him, I discovered I had cancer”

A house cat is not only a great companion for daily adventures and purring, but can be particularly useful in determining if something is wrong inside the house.

Whether it’s the feline sixth sense or not, the cat can really understand when something is particularly unusual. What if we told you that this cat made its owner aware that she had stage 3 breast cancer? You’d probably be surprised.

The woman’s name is Kate King-Scribbins and she lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her faithful pet cat named Oggy. For some time, the woman had noticed that the kitty liked to lie down and fall asleep on the left side of the woman’s chest, whereas previously, Oggy clearly preferred the right side: was there something wrong?

As time went on, Kate began to feel more and more intense pain on the left side of her chest. So she decided to have a check-up to find out exactly what was wrong with her body: in the end, the doctors found a nodule that was getting bigger and bigger and could be considered stage 3 breast cancer.


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Kate shared her experience by saying:

‘I think back to the changes in her behaviour towards me before I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I really believe she was trying to warn me of the dangers that were developing in my body. Oggy always liked to snuggle with me, but he started snuggling more aggressively than usual, which was weird. He focused on my chest area and especially my left side for months before I knew what was going on. The thing is, he seemed more determined than ever to make sure he was lying near the left side of my chest, not the right.

After a long series of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted surgery, Kate is now cured of her breast cancer. For all of this, as well as saying a huge thank you to the team of medical professionals who looked after her, she wanted to mention how crucial her cat Oggy was, in his own small way, in discovering the tumour in time and making a diagnosis before it was too late.


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Une publication partagée par Stomachless_Kate (@mypinkgenes)

If only animals could talk… I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if I had noticed his behaviour and listened to him earlier. But now I know that if Oggy starts to focus on any other part of my body, I will run to the doctor immediately.

Thank you for all you have done for your mistress, dear Oggy: she will be eternally grateful to you!