Every person you meet comes into your life for 3 cosmic reasons

Every person you meet comes into your life for 3 cosmic reasons
Every person you meet comes into your life for 3 cosmic reasons

In the course of this journey that we call life, we meet many people. Some of them accompany us until the end, others enter our lives only for a moment but have an even more important role. And for good reason, we need them to teach us lessons and help us change the meaning of our lives.

Sometimes we meet people who make an impression on us, even for a short time. We end up getting attached to these chance encounters, and when they leave us, the pain of this loss is felt. However, it is enough to realize that this separation is indispensable to realize the fields of possibilities that these meetings offer us.


The world is a space of connections

The universe puts people on our path who mark us. Whether they leave us with good or bad memories, these encounters have the mission of teaching us a lesson…before they disappear. To better understand this, we must keep in mind that the world is a space of connections that puts on our path people who were destined to have an impact on our life. At a time when social networks promote superficial relationships, it may be good to stop for a moment and reflect on the meaning of these connections. In life, everything happens for a reason and not all relationships are meant to last forever. Sometimes it’s only for a moment, a few days, weeks, months or years at most. Sometimes people are put in our path to avoid disasters, to connect us with people who will stay in our lives or to teach us lessons that will be useful to us until the end.

Synchronicity: coincidences that are not so coincidental

Life dances to the rhythm of synchronicity. A concept invented by Carl Gustav Jung according to which there is neither chance nor fortuitous event. For the father of Jungian psychology, the universe is constantly sending us signs to help us reach our life’s goal. Whether it is mirror hours, random encounters or even the presence of white feathers wherever we are, these psychological and spiritual phenomena carry messages that it is important to know how to interpret. These evidences, which can appear at any time, are all the more visible during moments of doubt and questioning. Knowing how to recognize and analyze them can help us move forward on all levels of our lives. Among these synchronicity phenomena, people who are put on our path to give a new meaning to our life.

Three cosmic reasons why we meet certain people

1. To open our eyes

These people that we meet on the path of life accompany us over a long period of time. These people are kindred spirits who impact our daily lives and give us valuable lessons. Because their main mission is to bring us an awakening, these individuals have an important impact on our life and have the power to question everything we thought we had taken for granted. By helping us to learn from the past to better understand the future, these people prevent us from making the same mistakes and move forward on a healthier basis. From the first meeting, it is possible to detect a vibration and a connection between our two souls. At the first contact, we give off a vivid and special emotion, because deep down we know that these people will change our lives forever. When we are young, we think our future is set and we are sure we know how we want to live our lives. Then comes the time when we realize that we’ve hit the wall, that all the things we consider to be bad decisions mean that we’ve just taken the wrong direction. In the end, if nothing goes as planned, it’s because things weren’t meant to be the way we thought they would. To deal with this, we get interventions from the universe who sends us people to open our eyes to our true mission on this earth.

2. To remind us of who we are

If some souls are there to open our eyes to our life purpose, others intervene to remind us who we really are. And for good reason, sometimes we need to reconnect with our inner self. On the path of life, we forget our essence, what we believe in and what has always made us tick. By focusing on the money we earn, on the importance of the job we have, the child in us, the one who carries the flame of creativity, the one who is full of joy and naivety, can get lost along the way. We think we are becoming responsible adults, but we end up forgetting who we really are. Yet this part of ourselves is our inner compass. It guides us, tells us what is important and what is not, and reminds us what our true values are. When we stop living each moment true to ourselves and end up adopting the values and ideals of others in order to fit the mold, we end up feeling completely lost. This disconnection with oneself leads to an unhappiness that is difficult to express and often goes unnoticed. To realize this, it is important to ask yourself the right questions. However, it can be difficult to face this introspection. Choosing to step outside the box and be completely yourself in a society where diktats have taken precedence over individual values is not easy. These people then come into your life to help us remember who we were in order to teach us to be more true to ourselves.

3. To do us good

These are chance, momentary encounters that usually last no more than a few minutes or hours. These are the people we can meet on the bus, at the corner pharmacy or in front of the supermarket checkout. With them, the conversation starts instantly and puts a smile on our face. Their smile comforts us and reminds us that if our heart is broken, some people have the power to mend it. Cosmic connections are not necessarily encounters with souls who teach us about life’s great experiences, but those we come across on a daily basis without even realizing it. Just because a person is not part of our life for a long period of time does not mean that they do not have a mission to impact it in a positive way. Without knowing us, these souls can change the course of our history and teach us great things about ourselves. Open your heart and keep your chakras open to these opportunities. Life’s serendipity can surprise you!