7 reasons Why you should stop sleeping with wet hair

7 reasons to stop sleeping with wet hair

There are many questions about the effect of sleeping with wet hair, and although not everyone agrees on the same conclusions, the truth is that most experts agree that it is a bad habit. Find out why it’s bad for your health.

It causes headaches

Humidity also has internal effects on our bodies since, when we fall asleep, our temperature rises and causes water to evaporate from the scalp. This can cause inflammation and an uncomfortable headache throughout the night and when we wake up. Therefore, there is no benefit to sleeping with wet hair in this context.

It promotes dandruff

The fact that sleeping with wet hair causes dandruff is definitely not a myth. Old scalp cells accumulate and fall out in the form of white residue. Even if it’s sometimes a problem of hygiene, skin or product quality, going to sleep with wet hair promotes this flaking.

It damages the hair

You can strengthen your hair with a consistent hair routine and discipline. For this, you need a good shampoo and a good mask that gives vitality and strength to the hair. However, if at the time of detangling and drying the hair, we decide to leave it wet and fall asleep the hair fiber accumulates moisture and gets damaged. This habit can also cause skin lesions on the scalp, as well as tangle our hair.

This can lead to colds

Sleeping with wet hair can cause a cold. During the night, our body is less protected and the temperature of our scalp drops.

It promotes hair loss

Hair loss is not caused by sleeping with wet hair, only that this habit adopted over a long period of time will weaken your scalp. This can make your hair fiber more fragile and more likely to break or fall out. Using specific products for your hair type is essential to keep it looking healthy.

It is also important to know that leaving your hair wet while you sleep can lead to hair loss. We recommend drying your hair well before going to sleep.


It causes itching

In addition to promoting the presence of fungi, the simple fact of having wet hair for several hours can cause a wilting on the scalp due to the action of water. This sensation can cause severe itching all over your head, as well as irritation if you have sensitive skin.

It causes fungus

It is also not advisable to go to sleep with wet hair because it favors the appearance of fungus, because the humidity is a favorable ground for the proliferation of these micro-organisms. The appearance of the latter can cause problems on your skin and generate itching. This phenomenon upsets the flora of your scalp.