Netflix: Here are all the codes to use to access the hidden categories of the catalog

Netflix: Here are all the codes to use to access the hidden categories of the catalog

You may be watching Netflix more than usual. So you’ve finished the new season of Casa de Papel and the documentary that everyone is talking about: In the Kingdom of the Beasts. The great classics are now in your “Review” section.


Now there’s only one question: what will I watch? Don’t panic. There is a whole battery of subcategories on Netflix that will allow you to watch thousands of hours of movies, series and other documentaries according to your preferences.

To use these codes, it’s simple. In your browser, go to Netflix, identify yourself and type: For example: will give you access to Asian action movies and to LGBTQ+ documentaries. You just have to change the last numbers.

Subcategory codes:

Action & Adventure (1365)
Asian Action Films (77232)
Classic Action & Adventure (46576)
Comedy Action Movies (43040)
Action thrillers (43048)
Adventure (7442)
Superhero movies (10118)
Westerns (7700)
Espionage (10702)
Detective movies (9584)
Foreign Action Movies (11828)
Martial Arts (8985)
Military action movies (2125)

Animated (7424)
Adult (11881)
Action (2653)
Comedy (9302)
Drama (452)
Japanese animation (3063)
Science Fiction (2729)
Horror (10695)
Fantasy (11146)
Series (6721)

Youth and family movies (783)
0 to 2 years (6796)
2 to 4 years old (6218)
5 to 7 years old (5455)
8 to 10 years old (561)
11 to 12 years old (6962)
Educational programs (10659)
Disney (67673)
Children’s Literature Adaptations (10056)
Family Films (51056)
Cartoons (11177)
Youth programs (27346)
Musical programs for children (52843)
Animal Tales (5507)

What do you think?

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