Top 10 Best Online Marketing Courses Of 2022

Digital Marketing Certification Training

Intelligent Award: Best Advanced Course

Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Certification Training is an in-depth training program that culminates in Master’s certificates in all the sub-courses included in the program. This is a program that teaches advanced knowledge in SEO, content marketing, PPC, digital analytics, social media (with Facebook Blueprint Voucher), mobile marketing, and digital strategy. Unlike many other online courses, this one is built around live, interactive classes, which means it is potentially more engaging and personalized, but also potentially more difficult to fit into your schedule. In addition to the core certification courses, students can also choose to take electives in more specialized advanced areas.

  • Price: $1499
  • Time to complete: 1 year
  • Prerequisites required: No
  • Flexible schedule: No; courses are taught live on weekends
  • Includes verified certificate of participation: Yes

Who should take this course? Serious digital marketers looking to gain advanced knowledge through live, interactive classes would be a great fit for this course. You need to be able to participate in live classes on the weekends for approximately three hours at a time.

What we like What we don’t like
Oriented around specialized, advanced knowledge Less flexible scheduling
Live, interactive classes
Advanced certifications

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