Hemorrhoids: Doctors advise against putting frozen potatoes in your anus

Hemorrhoids: Doctors advise against putting frozen potatoes in your anus

Relieving hemorrhoids with frozen potatoes in the anus. This is the trick that worried this British doctor who advises against the application of this dangerous method.
Relayed by our colleagues of Wales Online, this “home remedy” is dangerous. It has been recommended on the web and it consists of inserting a frozen potato stick into the anus to alleviate the pain and itching associated with hemorrhoids.

“Insert a frozen potato stick into your anus”

Several articles on the Internet recommended that those suffering from veins that dilate in the rectum insert a frozen potato into the anus. The goal? To relieve the pain. The article advises peeling a raw potato and cutting it into thin slices, like when preparing French fries. These will then be placed in the freezer before use. This is a dangerous trick that should not be repeated at home. “Insert the frozen potato into your anus and leave it there for 30 seconds. Repeat the process for three to five days. For the next three to five days, leave the slice in for an additional 30 seconds each time,” the site states. To justify the effectiveness of the vegetable, the authors of this tip mentioned its astringent properties that would be useful in relieving the pain and itching associated with hemorrhoids. “The frozen potato tightens blood vessels, reduces swelling and relieves pain instantly,” argue the authors of the publication.


What is a hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoids are veins located around or in the anus. In the event of an attack, these are abnormally dilated and can cause discomfort and itching in and around the anal area. Constipation, obesity, alcohol consumption, pregnancy, a sedentary lifestyle or spicy food can cause this sometimes disabling pain. In the presence of bleeding or recurrence, it is essential to consult a doctor.

“They disappear on their own after a few days”.

Diana Gall, a doctor, reacts to this trick as ineffective as potentially dangerous to health. The specialist explains that the recourse to these tricks is mainly due to the embarrassment of talking about hemorrhoids and thus to the propensity to prefer using grandmother’s tricks. “There is no medical evidence that putting frozen potatoes inside the anus can help cure hemorrhoids, so I would urge caution to anyone considering doing this,” she warns. She adds, “They often go away on their own after a few days, but there are proven and reliable ways to keep them at bay. The expert recommends, to alleviate the attacks to stay hydrated, eat plenty of fiber but also take warm baths to reduce itching and pain. “Where on earth do people get these crazy ideas? “, she wonders, asking those who suffer from attacks to go to the doctor rather than trying to treat themselves.

How to naturally relieve hemorrhoid attacks?

Interviewed by Le Journal des Femmes, the naturopath Ketty Orain-Ferella, indicates that it is possible to relieve the symptoms thanks to the food by privileging a sufficient hydration with a water rich in iron and magnesium. For sufficient fiber intake, she recommends eating whole or semi-complete grains and drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. The naturopath recommends to detoxify by giving priority to food such as apples, artichoke, broccoli for two days to relieve these pains.