5 natural recipes to make a homemade deodorant

5 natural recipes to make a homemade deodorant

There’s nothing like a fresh-smelling house to make you feel truly at home. If you like a pleasant smell when you come home from a long day, there’s no need to spend a fortune on synthetic perfumes with allergenic effects. It is possible to perfume your home healthily with economical, easy and accessible tips.

Unpleasant odors invade your home? To neutralize them, a deep cleaning is essential. After getting rid of the bad smells, you can then perfume your house. But be careful, not with just any product.

Most air fresheners and air sanitizers sold in stores contain components that are harmful to health and the environment. The same goes for scented candles, which can be dangerous for babies. To replace them, opt for a home-made perfume without taking the risk of polluting the air you breathe.

To eliminate bad odors, clean thoroughly!

In your war against unpleasant odors, the first thing to do is to find the source of the problem. And for good reason, stubborn odors can come from many sources. Whether it’s a drain, a garbage can, a poorly maintained fridge and oven, or even mold and mildew on your walls and furniture, finding out where the stench is coming from is necessary to get rid of it. If you can’t determine the source, start by airing out every room in the house for a full day. It’s possible that the bad odour has simply lingered in the air.

There’s a foolproof way to say goodbye to kitchen odours. Bring a liter of water to a boil and add 5 to 6 tablespoons of baking soda and boil for 5 minutes to neutralize the odor. If the problem does not go away, it is then necessary to comb all the rooms and clean thoroughly.

To sanitize your surfaces, once again, leave the chemical and dangerous cleaning products, prefer natural products such as baking soda and white vinegar, outstanding and 100% ecological cleaners.

Next step? Bring freshness to your indoor air by diffusing a good smell in your house.


5 homemade home fragrances

Do you want to diffuse pleasant scents in your home without harming your health or the planet? We have the solution. To fight against bad smells and perfume your whole house, make your own home perfumes and say goodbye to toxic products.

1. A natural spray with white vinegar

To remove bad odors from your environment, there is a very effective ingredient. White vinegar not only cleans the house but can also fight against unpleasant odors. To do this, simply mix half a cup of this watery solution with a cup of water. To bring a more pleasant scent to your preparation, you can add a few drops of essential oil of your choice. If you don’t have any essential oil on hand, the smell of vinegar alone shouldn’t worry you. It neutralizes bad odors, especially the smell of cold tobacco, and disappears in a few minutes. Another option is to infuse a bunch of thyme, green tea, verbena, cinnamon or citrus peels into the vinegar to give it a better scent. For example, you can place the zest of a lemon or grapefruit in a glass jar and pour vinegar over it. Close it tightly and leave it for 3 weeks. After that, add the right amount of water to it and you have your natural lemon scented anti-odor spray.

2. A mixture of camphor and essential oils

Camphor is an organic compound from the camphor tree. This aromatic salt-like substance is full of properties. A natural antiseptic, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory, camphor works wonders in the treatment of damp odors. And this plant is not only effective to fight against the odors of stale. It allows, when associated with essential oils, to perfume your house durably. To do this, choose camphor in a form that suits you (solid, powder or granules) then add a few drops of essential oil of lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass or orange blossom. Pour your mixture into a spray bottle and spray your space to get rid of bad odors.

3. A bathroom air freshener

If you’re looking for a natural air freshener to get rid of bad odors in your home, this is the way to go. You will need half a cup of white vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil. Let the mixture sit for a day and then pour it into a spray bottle. To eliminate unpleasant odors, spray this fragrant solution near the toilet lid and next to the sink.

4. A deodorant with a fabric softener base

The smell of fabric softener is a Proust’s dream for many people. To relive the scents of your childhood, make your own air freshener with your favorite fabric softener. In a spray bottle, pour 3 tablespoons of fabric softener, then add 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 3 cups of hot water. Close your bottle and shake vigorously to obtain a homogeneous preparation. If you don’t have any fabric softener on hand, you can use liquid laundry detergent which will do the trick just fine. While this is a simple trick that is very effective, you must be careful not to spray the product on the walls as the fabric softener can leave stains that are difficult to remove.

5. An alcohol-based air freshener

To eliminate bad odors for good, this trick is unstoppable. In a spray bottle, pour 3 cups of water and add one cup of denatured alcohol and about 20 drops of lavender essential oil. Then simply spray the space you want to scent with this preparation.

How to neutralize bad odors in the whole house

In the kitchen, the odors of frying and other preparations can quickly clog the air. There are some effective tips to avoid this. If you’re cooking on the stove, take a pan and pour a mixture of cider vinegar and cinnamon into it and boil it after you’ve finished cooking.

If you’re using the oven, place a few orange peels in the oven while it’s still hot to eliminate cooking odors. In the living room, spray air freshener frequently and air out your spaces daily. The same goes for the toilet and bathroom.

Another tip? To keep dishes and laundry free of damp odors, sprinkle a little baking soda in the laundry basket before putting your clothes in and in the dishwasher before filling it. Finally, don’t forget the fridge, which can also release strong odors. To fight them, place a few cotton balls soaked in vanilla extract. No more bad smells coming out of the fridge!