Add cloves to lemons to keep unwanted insects away

cloves lemons insects

Insects such as mosquitoes, wasps, bees or flies, like to invite themselves into our homes, especially when food is within their reach. Open windows, lunches or dinners in the garden or on the terrace… When the sunny days arrive, these little beasts inevitably show up. Annoying and disturbing, these insects are nevertheless essential to the balance of the ecosystem. Here is an ecological tip to keep them away and get rid of their presence without killing them.


Many people can be alarmed by the sight of a bee circling the dinner table or a mosquito that becomes the bane of a summer’s evening and causes a sleepless night. Not to mention the spiders that provoke disgust and even terror in the bedroom and the flies that fly over our dishes in search of food or the parade of ants that make a beeline for the breakfast jam. Keeping them out of the house is therefore essential to regain the peace and quiet of sunny days.


The preservation of the natural balance prevents many ecologists from using insecticides, which are harmful to health and the environment.  However, it is out of the question to be invaded by harmful insects. Therefore, using natural insect repellents is the best alternative to protect yourself from wasp bites and mosquitoes that cause redness and itching and keep all flying insects away. To do this, yellow or green lemons and cloves will be your best allies in chasing away unwanted insects.


Why these ingredients?

– Cloves come from the clove tree. Thanks to its eugenol content, which is the aromatic compound of the phenylpropene family, cloves have a natural repellent effect. With a study to support it, it has been shown that the use of clove oil would be able to keep away different species of mosquitoes.


– Lemon is a citrus fruit with a strong lemon scent that can keep away any insect, while pleasantly perfuming your home. A study has not failed to show that lemon as well as the essential oil of lemon eucalyptus has proven its effectiveness as a natural repellent against all types of insects.


How to proceed?

The two ingredients combined, make a perfect repellent against any unwanted insect. To do this, you will need :


2 yellow or green lemons

24 cloves

Cut the lemons in half lengthwise or widthwise. Then, insert 6 cloves into each lemon half. Finally, put them in a plate and place it in strategic places such as the bedside table in the bedroom, in the middle of the picnic table or even on the window sill.


The result is simply incredible and you will not see any of these insects roaming around the house.


Simple everyday actions to keep insects away

Certain measures are essential to fight against the insects that torment us throughout the day. Also, simple gestures are to be adopted daily :-


  • Do not leave food scraps lying around on the table or in the kitchen. Don’t leave food scraps lying around on the table or in the kitchen. Remember to close the garbage cans and take them out regularly;
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, they will only attract unwanted insects;
  • Store foods that may attract insects in airtight boxes or in the refrigerator;
  • Clean kitchen cabinets and cupboards with white vinegar or cider vinegar, which is also an excellent repellent, and focus on every corner to make sure no food is left behind;
  • Spray your home with a repellent spray composed of drops of essential oil such as peppermint, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus or cinnamon. Lemongrass has also proven its effectiveness and for this purpose, you can also use an electric diffuser;
  • Do a meticulous cleaning of the whole house and especially the kitchen to keep away insects fond of crumbs and food remains;
  • Vacuum after you finish eating to remove all traces of crumbs.
  • You can also use a mosquito repellent lamp to spend quiet evenings on your terrace.