How to clean your TV and laptop screen?

How to clean your TV and laptop screen?
How to clean your TV and laptop screen?

Whether you have a computer monitor or an LCD TV, it is possible to clean them without cleaning products. Find out how to make these surfaces spotless by removing all residues.

Dusting a fragile screen is not an easy task and detergent can have abrasive effects and damage it. You can clean these high-tech objects well with easy and economical tips.

How to clean your TV and laptop screen without cleaning products?
It is possible to clean a laptop or cell phone touch screen without using specific cleaning products. Thanks to some tips, you will no longer find any marks on the screen of your TV and computer and you can say goodbye to dirt and fingerprints. By using these methods, you will be very efficient when cleaning these everyday objects.

Some cleaners can harm your LED or LCD screen

To degrease and clean the corners of an LCD or touch screen, you don’t need a special cleaning product. It is possible to get rid of each stain without damaging these fragile objects with an abrasive product. To avoid leaving any marks on your screen, you should not use a cloth, paper towel, baking soda or antistatic spray, all of which remove impurities but can damage your screens. Also, they cannot be cleaned with ammonia, ethyl alcohol or solvents. The reason? LED, LCD or Plasma screens have electrical contacts that can cause short circuits with a spray solution. A slightly damp paper towel can leave unsightly lint. In addition, these liquids can be responsible for the appearance of stains.

There is a simple and effective solution that will clean your screens in every corner without damaging them.

To wipe down an LED screen and remove dust, use distilled water and a damp microfiber cloth. Start by spraying a little water on the cloth so that it is slightly damp. Then, use circular motions without pressure to clean. Then wipe with another dry microfiber cloth.

You can also clean an LCD screen without damaging it. To do this, use an electrostatic duster, a soft microfiber cloth and a cleaning wipe. Start by cleaning stubborn stains with the latter. Then, using a cloth or duster, clean the buttons and the back of the screen. The movement should be horizontal or vertical to remove the dirt in no time. In addition, it is advisable to turn off the TV, before cleaning these fragile surfaces.

How to clean a smartphone screen?

If you want to clean or disinfect without scratching your smartphone screens, it is recommended not to use chemicals as it may cause stains. A simple clean cloth will do. There are also specific cleaning products for these cell phones that you can buy in electronic stores. It is recommended to wipe your cell phone once a month.

You will have understood: to clean a television or computer screen, you should not use aggressive cleaning products. A cloth slightly dampened with water or a wipe can help you get a shiny surface.