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How to protect our pets in the summer?

How to protect our pets in the summer?

In the summer, fleas and nits multiply very quickly. How can we protect our cats and dogs? Follow the guide for a serene summer.

Unwanted friends

Unwanted friends


Many small creatures stick to the fur of our dogs and cats, especially in the spring and summer.

The dog flea is a hematophagous insect, which means that it drinks blood to feed itself.

The animal is then tired, sleeps more than usual and does not have much vitality to play or eat.

But the sign that does not deceive is when the dog scratches all the time.

Flea bites also result in localized skin reactions, such as small red spots surrounded by a clear area.

It is also important to know that these fleas can bite humans, but they prefer cats and dogs as hosts.

These fleas can transmit a number of bacteria and viruses, but this is rare.

These parasites invade the dog’s coat and can colonize your home if you don’t do something to repel them.

Many flea and parasite products exist on the market, they are often made with chemical molecules that are aggressive to the animal. On the other hand, there are gentler, but equally effective, plant-based products. Think also about home remedies, there are natural ways to fight against fleas.

Essential oils that scare away fleas

Les huiles essentielles qui font fuir les puces

The first piece of advice is to treat the whole house and not just the dog or cat. There is a multitude of plants that can help you, especially in essential oils. Small drops but with miraculous effects!

True Lavender is relentless against fleas. It is a natural broad spectrum repellent. There are also essential oils of lemon, basil, lemongrass, peppermint (quite aggressive), and the essential oil of Tea Tree with powerful anti-parasite effects. All these oils will protect your dog or your cat, your children also, all the family.

You can apply a few drops directly on carpets, living room cushions, the dog’s hair, the cat’s litter box; or use candles with essential oils; or finally make small home-made mists to spray in the atmosphere, 1 drop is enough for 100 ml of water (preferably distilled).

Finally, check your dog’s coat regularly. Brush it with a flea comb and wash it with an anti-parasite shampoo. You can apply a flea spray or lotion directly to the area where you see fleas or ticks, and take the dog to the vet if necessary.

Mint for the sheets

Put a few spearmint leaves in a small cloth bag in the middle of the sheets or under the sofa cushions. This will keep fleas away for a long time.

Dry shampoo with baking soda

Baking soda prevents fleas from settling in your dog’s or cat’s coat. As a preventive measure, simply sprinkle baking soda into your pet’s coat and massage it in well.

Salt, a lethal weapon

It allows to dry the fleas. Let it act for 1 or 2 days on your carpet, before vacuuming. In general, you should vacuum regularly when you have pets at home.

We also advise you to regularly wash everything that can be washed. Blankets, pillows, plaids… anywhere your pet sleeps. And add a little salt to the rinse water.

The vinegar bath

Mix equal amounts of water and white vinegar in a bottle. Apply this solution directly to the dog’s or cat’s coat, rubbing well to ensure that the mixture penetrates. Carefully avoid the eyes. Vinegar is also good for training cats!

You can dilute it and use it on textiles, furniture and the rim of your plant pots, so that the cat will only urinate in its litter box!

Grandma’s tip

Put a bowl of soapy water in the middle of the room, lit by a strong light source (desk lamp, for example) every night before bedtime. Fleas will drown on their own.

Lemon shampoo, the easy trick

Lemon shampoo

There’s no easier way to keep unwanted creatures away: Mix shampoo with a little lemon juice. Leave it on the dog’s hair for a few minutes before rinsing.

We also invite you to add lemon juice (2 or 3 lemons for a bucket of water), to the usual cleaning product for floors and all surfaces.

It is a very good flea repellent.

Vinegar, an all-purpose product


Vinegar has natural properties that allow it to scare away and kill fleas. Prepare a mixture of 4 liters of cider vinegar, 50 cl of water and 40 cl of lemon juice. Spray it on your fabrics, on the dog’s hair and in every corner of the house. It’s effective and inexpensive.

Can the washing machine eliminate fleas?

No. The washing machine does not systematically get rid of fleas. Fleas have claws that allow them to cling to clothes. However, if you add a few drops of lavender hydrolate you can keep these little insects away and neutralize them.