Many people are unaware of the real function of the little drawer under the oven

Ovens are an indispensable piece of equipment in a kitchen. Perhaps electric stoves and ovens have been in our kitchens for decades, but there are some features that are overlooked.

Almost all ovens have a compartment at the bottom, and many use it to store dishes or pans.


Do you know its real function?

In fact, with several brands of stoves, this drawer is used to… keep the food warm! For example, you can keep potatoes already cooked in it while your chicken or roast finishes cooking.

It also generally controls humidity. So food placed in it won’t dry out like it would in the open air. A perfect place to store freshly baked bread or pastries!

However, it is not used for cooking. Feel free to store things in it, but avoid putting flammable or electronic materials in it.