The incredible trick to clean the house and make it ready for guests

Clean The House

Cleaning is no easy task when time is short and dust has been allowed to accumulate. Fortunately, it is possible to make the house shine and save time with an express cleaning tip. Housekeeping will never be a hassle for you again!


If you don’t clean every day, the chores can quickly seem overwhelming. But you can clean from top to bottom and get rid of germs in no time if you know how. 


There’s no substitute for a thorough cleaning for a spotless house

To have a dirt-free house, it is not enough to do housework at the last minute. House cleaning should be done almost daily so that no corner is overlooked. When a person cleans his house regularly, chores are reduced and bad odors disappear. Cleaning windows, descaling sinks, changing sheets, ironing clothes, taking care of faucets, cleaning carpets are all daily activities that should be done to avoid being caught short before guests arrive or your house is dirty. An anarchic environment is detrimental to your mental well-being. A reason to take a few minutes each day to clean your home. If you have guests coming in an hour, there are cleaning secrets to know for this type of emergency. Did you know that you can de-clutter your home with some simple steps?


What’s the difference with real cleaning?

Regular cleaning is better than doing housework in a hurry. And for good reason, when doing the latter, we neglect details and some dust that are in hard-to-reach places. During spring cleaning or weekly cleaning, for example, you pay attention to the cleanliness of tiles, sanitation of appliances or maintenance of the faucets. The dusting is cleaner and this big cleaning will save you time for less work during the week. On the other hand, when you do a quick clean, the space just looks tidier. The finishing touch is to air out the rooms for a little freshness in the house.


When should we do a quick clean?

When we have children, tidying up needs to be more regular and the house can look dirtier due to moving toys or stains. To clean the apartment, a quick cleaning session in the middle of the week is a must. When you are home alone, you can do this express tidy-up every two weeks. In order to get the cleaning done temporarily to have a clean space, you need to follow several steps on each room of your house. Once you’ve accomplished these, you’ll have a good foundation to polish your surfaces and have everything looking spotless. Instead of cleaning your home with industrial cleaning products, you can choose environmentally friendly solutions such as lemon, white vinegar – a great home solution – or baking soda. Yes, it is possible to clean your rooms in a healthy and very effective way. 


What tools should I use for an express house cleaning?

A clean place is only as good as its people. To clean your home in record time, you’ll need to arm yourself with a laundry basket, a disinfectant, an anti-bacterial bottle with a sprayer and several microfiber cloths. Of course, you will need the two most important things for cleaning: a broom and a vacuum cleaner. Your house will be clean in 30 minutes!


How to do the express cleaning?

To accomplish this quick job and create a clean impression, you need to start by vacuuming and respecting the work surface. To begin this mini-cleaning, you’ll need to start with the most visible rooms such as the living room, kitchen and guest bathroom. Once you’ve finished cleaning these areas, you’ll need to move on to the more private areas such as bedrooms and other bathrooms. Before this step, close the doors on anything that is untidy. 


How do I clean the entrance?

For the most visible room in the living room, you need to know how to clean this largest space in the house. You can do it easily without hiring a cleaning service or maid. To keep the house clean, start by putting all the clutter in a laundry bin. Clean your doorknob and proceed to rinse. Dust pillows and shake out your welcome mat outside. 


How do I clean the guest room?

If you want to clean the bedside table, black soap is a great product because of its degreasing power. For the guest room, start collecting all the products that don’t belong there in the laundry bin and place them in the washing machine. For a good smell, you can add fabric softener. With a microfiber cloth, get rid of allergens and dust mites by wiping down table tops, shelves and window sills. With a squeegee and broom, clean the room. If the floor is wood, you can apply a touch of wax to increase the shine. If your headboard is wood, the final chore is to wipe it down with a damp sponge. That’s it!


How to clean the house when the kitchen is dirty?

To clean the house in no time, wipe down the countertops and dry them with a cloth. At the same time, heat up a nice cup of tea in case guests come to visit. Doing a quick load of dishes is also helpful so that your sink isn’t overflowing with dirty plates. Also, use a dry cloth to quickly clean the windows and wipe it down on the edges of the stove. Then just sweep the whole room. If there are any stubborn stains, wipe them off with a rough, damp sponge. The last task is to empty the trash and wash the cloth. For a subtle smell in this room, burn the essential oil of your choice so that there is no kitchen odor. 


How to clean your home by cleaning the bathroom?

The bathroom used by your guests is the first place to clean. The first task is to tidy up all the things left on the counter. Next, wipe the surfaces, including the mirror, with a cloth soaked in water. Clean the toilet bowl with a product such as white vinegar and the brush. The last step is to wipe down the seat and lift it up. That’s a clean bathroom in 10 minutes! You can also use antibacterial wipes if you want to skip the cloth. For a spotless room, empty the trash and make sure the room has clean soap and toiletries.


How do I clean the bedrooms?

These less visible parts of the house deserve a good cleaning. If you don’t have time to tidy them up, simply put the messy stuff in the laundry bin before vacuuming. Hang clean clothes in your closet and keep the bed neat and tidy since it’s the first piece of furniture you see. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe down bedside tables. Be sure to air out at the end of your storage and vacuum. For a neat effect, place pretty scented candles for a muffled room.