This is what the black dots on the car windscreen are for

This is what the black dots on the car windscreen are for
This is what the black dots on the car windscreen are for

This is a question that many people ask themselves. You may have noticed that there are black dots on the top of your car windscreen. Contrary to what you might think, they are far from being just decorative and have a real purpose for the car.

Did you know that blackheads on the car have a real purpose? This practical information will tell you a lot more about your car and its various features. One thing is certain: you will see these blackheads differently from now on!

What is the purpose of blackheads on car windows?

If they are not on all car models, you may have owned or been in a car that had a specific feature: black dots on the top of the windscreen. But while you might think that these might be part of the car’s aesthetics, these patterns have a real purpose that makes your driving more practical. You will be surprised to know what these dots are really for, as they are often found on older cars.

This feature is usually found on car models manufactured from the 1950s onwards. This information will surprise you because they are not engraved on the windscreen but are located on an adhesive. The purpose of the adhesive is to hold the car windows in place. They can also appear as a blue or black bar, even on the rear windows of the car. These devices are now becoming obsolete and most modern cars have windscreens without this adhesive.

Other uses of these black dots on the car windscreen

If this adhesive piece, which is now retro but can be seen on vintage or antique cars, is used to hold the windows in place, there is also another use for these black dots. They also serve to regulate the temperature when temperatures are high in summer or spring. The reason is that this black area, which also serves an aesthetic purpose, tends to heat up faster than the rest of the windscreen. The reason is that this colour attracts more heat than the transparent glass. This means that the effects of the sun are spread more evenly across the glass. This is an essential benefit for your car, which can be distinguished by a blue stripe or black dots.

These little black dots not only keep your windscreen in place to ensure your safety in the event of an impact, but also regulate the heat during the summer months. Essential utilities for the time that have been replaced by other devices for these functions.