10 negative calorie foods you must include in your diet

10 negative calorie foods
10 negative calorie foods

10 negative calorie foods you can eat without gaining weight

Negative calorie foods are a concept that may, at first glance, seem a little absurd! On the one hand, because calories are not values that can really be negative (otherwise, we would invent hamburgers with -300 kcal, the dream!). And on the other hand, because it seems strange that a food that brings us calories (positive, therefore) can, instead of making us gain weight, take off our extra kilos…

And yet, this is the principle of negative calorie foods! But how is this possible? It’s quite simple actually! Negative calorie foods do contain calories, but in reality, they are so light that our body spends more energy digesting them (and transforming them into energy) than they bring to our body. Hence the name “negative calories”.

These foods are therefore very interesting in the context of weight loss, because they allow you to adopt a balanced diet and to enjoy yourself, while burning a maximum of calories. But no more suspense: TheHealthyFeed presents 10 of these famous negative calorie foods!


10 negative calorie foods you must include in your diet
10 negative calorie foods you must include in your diet

Well, we have to admit it, asparagus is not really a vegetable that triggers passions… And yet, when you want to get back in shape and boost your metabolism, it’s a slimming vegetable that you should think about putting on the menu regularly.

Indeed, with only 17 kcal for 100 grams, it is easy to understand why this vegetable requires more energy to be digested than it provides!

In addition, asparagus has diuretic and draining properties that make it a first choice detox vegetable, and it is also known to be an effective appetite suppressant and prevent fat from being stored in our adipose tissue.


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In the family of negative calorie foods, there are many vegetables, but also fruits! And logically, with its 50 kcal per 100 grams only, the apple is one of them.

But you shouldn’t think that its benefits on our figure stop there, quite the contrary! Indeed, the apple is a fruit rich in fiber, ideal for promoting intestinal transit.

Among the fibers it contains is pectin, a soluble fiber that swells and turns into a viscous gel when it comes into contact with the water in our stomach.

Sure, it sounds disgusting, but in reality, this gel takes up so much space in our stomach that once we eat an apple, we feel full immediately, and for a long time. How convenient is that?


10 negative calorie foods you must include in your diet
10 negative calorie foods you must include in your diet

Here’s some news that will delight cruciferous vegetable lovers: whether it’s green, curly, Brussels, red, Chinese, flowering or even broccoli (which is a cousin of cabbage!), all members of the cabbage family are negative calorie vegetables!

However, even if it is rich in fiber, vitamins, iron, magnesium and potassium, and that it helps fight against water retention and cellulite, it still has the annoying habit of giving us flatulence…

Fortunately, it is possible to avoid this by adding cumin or fennel seeds during cooking, which will make it more digestible.


10 negative calorie foods you must include in your diet
10 negative calorie foods you must include in your diet

In summer, there’s no need to feel guilty when you eat raspberries: with only 35 kcal (negative) per 100 grams, this small, sweet, water-rich fruit is in fact the lightest thing you can eat!

The raspberry also contains a large number of minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium), and vitamins C, E, and P, which are ideal for giving us a boost and activating blood circulation. Raspberry on the cake? Thanks to its richness in fiber, the raspberry is a perfect fruit to get a flat stomach in summer, and its pectin content makes it an appetite suppressant fruit just like the apple!


10 negative calorie foods you must include in your diet
10 negative calorie foods you must include in your diet

Always sulking about it because it gives us pony breath and sometimes slight flatulence, we almost forget that the onion is an excellent vegetable for our health, and for our figure!

Indeed, in addition to being light (34kcal/100 grams), the onion is a vegetable :

Draining and detox, which helps to better eliminate waste from our body,

It helps to lower blood sugar levels,

Very effective in eliminating fat cells, especially those of the thighs and buttocks!

Rich in vitamin C, trace elements, minerals and antioxidants, which helps maintain our cardiovascular health.

Moral: it is high time to rehabilitate it in our plates!


Celery is a slimming vegetable not to be neglected when you have a few extra pounds you want to get rid of! Indeed, celery root is a food :

Very light (35 calories/100 grams),

With negative calories,

Which absorbs the fats it finds in the stomach and destroys them before they are assimilated by the body,

Laxative, and therefore ideal for reviving lazy transits and giving us a flat stomach in the process.

That’s a lot of good reasons to start eating celery root, isn’t it?


Good news: despite its sweet taste, the strawberry is a very low-calorie food (30 calories/100 grams), and its calories are, in addition, negative calories!

Other good points for our line? The strawberry is a red fruit rich in water, at the same time hydrating, thirst-quenching and diuretic, which helps our body to get rid of toxins which prevent it from functioning in an optimal way. And in particular at the level of the liver, because the strawberry is a food which does not have its equal to stimulate the hepatic functions of the organization.

So when you want to do a detox worthy of the name before the summer, a small monodiet of 2-3 days based on strawberries, and here we go again!


To say that tomatoes are good for your figure is an understatement! With 15 kcal for 100 grams, this vegetable-fruit is indeed a featherweight that you should not forget to put on the menu when you watch your figure.

Rich in water (90%), the tomato also allows us to fill up on vitamins (A, C, E), minerals, trace elements, and antioxidants, as well as to fight against digestive discomfort (hello flat stomach!).

Not to mention that thanks to the lycopene it contains, in addition to activating our tanning, tomatoes help us fight against skin problems. That’s what we call a full house!


10 negative calorie foods you must include in your diet
10 negative calorie foods you must include in your diet

The cucumber is the star of the diet vegetables! With only 11 kcal per 100 grams, it is easy to understand that this vegetable is a negative calorie food, and that it provides our body with fewer calories than it requires to be digested.

But its slimming benefits do not stop there: extremely rich in water (it is composed of more than 95%!), it is a thirst-quenching, hydrating and diuretic vegetable, ideal to fight against water retention.

A little tip for those who have trouble digesting cucumbers: before cutting them up, remember to scrape off the central part of the vegetable (the part containing the little seeds!).


10 negative calorie foods you must include in your diet
10 negative calorie foods you must include in your diet

Yes, in the family of negative calorie foods, there are not only fruits and vegetables! We should certainly not forget liquids, and in particular water, which is undoubtedly the negative calorie food par excellence, since it has the particularity of containing no calories, but requires our body to expend energy to be digested!

Not to mention that water allows us to drain our body and eliminate the toxins and waste that clog it, but also to fight against water retention and watery cellulite (the kind we get because our body stores excess water between our cells).