The perfect recipe for the common family cake

We all have a favorite food that is associated with childhood memories. Cookies baked with siblings, our grandmother’s famous pie that tickles our taste buds…the memories of these moments lull us to sleep and remain forever etched in our memory. Do you remember that famous family cookie cake that is just delicious?
Let’s go back years and invite a childhood memory to our table. It’s the famous cookie cake dipped in coffee and topped with dark chocolate mousse. Your mouth is already watering and that’s understandable! It is simply delicious and greedy and simply takes us back in time. But before presenting this recipe, it is important to note that you must choose healthy cookies; nutritional quality obliges. There are a myriad of families of cakes on the market, but it is clear that they are not all healthy. Too much sugar, too much fat, too many chemicals… the list is long.

How to evaluate the nutritional quality of these foods?
Dr. Jean Michel Cohen, author of the Guide d’achat pour bien manger, gives us some important advice on food choices. For the expert, the first reflex to have is to privilege the list of noble ingredients like those we use at home, such as flour, butter, colza or sunflower oil, sugar or eggs. The second reflex would be to check which ingredient is the first on the list. The expert explains that it is better to use flour rather than sugar. The third reflex would be to banish the litany of chemicals and bad sugars, such as glucose syrup, glucose, fructose, or invert sugar which means a mixture of glucose and fructose.

On the other hand, people who have to watch their cholesterol can opt for boudoir or spoon cookies which contain 2 to 4% of lipids against 30% in madeleines. According to Florence Daine, dietician, you should prefer cookies prepared with rapeseed oil and avoid palm or coconut oil. Diabetics can choose shortbread or butter cookies which are rich in cereals and low in sugar. It’s up to you to choose the cookie to use in the recipe that best suits your health condition.

How to prepare the cookie cake recipe?
What makes this cake specific and unique is its chocolate mousse filling, especially dark chocolate. In addition to its great taste, dark chocolate is nutritious and contains many antioxidants that can improve health and reduce the risk of heart disease. Scientists state in a research that cocoa powder significantly reduces oxidized LDL cholesterol, which can react with free radicals. It has even been stated in a study, that the consumption of cocoa would reduce blood pressure and the risk of death by heart disease. So many reasons to introduce it in a daily balanced diet.


The recipe for the family run cake To prepare this recipe that appeals to children and adults alike, you will need :

  • 48 cookies of your choice (preferably organic)
  • Strong coffee
  • 4 free-range eggs
  • A bar of organic dark chocolate (200 grams)
  • A pinch of salt

Start by preparing the chocolate mousse first. Separate the egg whites from the yolks and beat the whites until stiff. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler, then off the heat, add the egg yolks while stirring. Then add the egg whites gradually and gently with a spatula upwards. Put the mousse in a cool place to harden.

Once the mousse is ready, prepare some strong coffee and then dip the cookies in it. In a plate, place a first layer of cookies, spread a thin layer of chocolate mousse, then add a second layer of cookies and mousse and so on, until you finish all the can decorate with slivered almonds or dark chocolate chips. Chill for 1 hour and up to 12 hours. This cake will taste even better.

Happy tasting