With this little trick BEFORE boiling potatoes you will save a lot of time!

boiling potatoes

While potatoes are economical and versatile, they can be a bit of a pain to peel.

But no more, with this little trick you will see that peeling potatoes will be a breeze!

Six mistakes to avoid when cooking potatoes

In the collective imagination, cooking potatoes in water is a breeze. In practice, it can be much more difficult than it seems. Instructions for use with Clément Chicard, chef at Bouillon Pigalle.

Rinsing potatoes incorrectly, cooking them directly from the boil or not respecting their optimal cooking time are all bad habits to avoid if you want to make a sure-fire success of your recipe. But what are the main mistakes to avoid? Florilège, advice and tips from Clément Chicard, chef of Bouillon Pigalle.

Cooking sprouted potatoes

Before mentioning the mistakes cooking potatoes, a little reminder is necessary. “It is imperative to choose quality products,” recommends Clement Chicard. And as far as potatoes are concerned, “make sure they have not sprouted before cooking them”. And for good reason: sprouted potatoes are dangerous. Sprouts have a high solanine content and in high doses, this substance can be harmful to the body. So avoid it!

Cooking them the same way

There are a thousand and one different varieties of potatoes. And has each its specific way of cooking. “We prefer firm-fleshed potatoes for cooking in water or steam, like Roseval or Charlotte. On the other hand, for mashed potatoes or fries, we choose Rate, Bintje or Agria, which are softer and smoother in the mouth. In the oven, it’s more likely to be a Samba or a Grenaille.

Do not rinse them

Another important step before turning on the fire of his gas stove, rinse his potatoes thoroughly. “This will allow us to say goodbye to the soil present on the vegetable and possible pesticide residues,” explains the professional. A crucial step, therefore, if you want to avoid poisoning your guests.

Do not start cooking at boiling point

In the series of blunders too often committed, according to the professional, “that of starting the cooking of its potatoes to boil”. Big mistake. “The flesh risks crumbling and not holding up as well.” The chef recommends starting the process in cold water. Then count on average between 15 and 20 minutes on the stove for an optimal result. His little technique for making sure the preparation is ready? Stick a knife into the heart of the potato. If it pulls out without difficulty, it is cooked.

Peel them raw

Who has never wanted to back down when faced with a kilo of potatoes to peel? Clément Chicard has a much simpler technique: cook them beforehand in a pot of boiling water, then once they’re done cooking, wait a few minutes for them to cool before removing their skin. Miracle, this one comes off almost by itself.

Discard the cooking water

Last but not least, since the global trend is now to recuperate, we reuse the cooking juice of potatoes. “Not in the kitchen,” jokes the chef, “but it’s very effective for washing the floor. Potatoes contain starch that has the specific property of absorbing fat. It’s a great grandmother’s remedy for cleaning a dirty floor.” As if the maxim “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”, attributed to Lavoisier, is true.