TOP 10 Best Paying Jobs in the World 2022

1. Anesthesiologists



TOP 10 Best Paying Jobs in the World

The top position is an anesthesiologist. These individuals may not perform the actual surgery, but they need to take into account all sorts of factors when creating the drug combination designed to put people under during surgery.

With that being said, the median average is actually lower than surgeons at $351,300. However, the starting off salary is higher than that of a surgeon at $261,600 going into 2017.

In terms of the top amount, this is going to vary more so than almost any other medical position. It depends on where someone works, what kind of medical facility or practice.

Anesthesiologists do not typically run their own practice, but quality professionals are in high demand and work in different medical settings.

The standard, top of the line is right around $450,000, but there are fewer anesthesiologists than surgeons, and one who is in high demand can bring in a significant amount more than an actual surgeon.

Do keep in mind though that, in the medical field, insurance is substantially higher, so that is one major reason why the salaries are that much higher.