Christian Eriksen, the miraculous / Euro 2020

Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen, the Danish midfielder suffered a heart attack at the end of the first half against Finland, which gave all football fans, and not only, a huge scare. Fortunately, the news that came through in the course of the evening concerning the Inter player’s state of health was rather reassuring, after having feared the worst. Euro 2020 already holds a moment that everyone will remember for a long time, with a lot of emotion.


Anyone who lived through that terrible day in June 2003 when Marc-Vivien Foé lost his life during the Confederations Cup, struck down by a heart attack, must have thought they were looking at a terrible reminder. For the others, the shock was no less great.

As half-time approached in this Denmark-Finland game, Christian Eriksen collapsed near the touchline, falling a victim of a fainting spell. The images are chilling. Mr. Taylor calling for help, Simon Kjær and the doctors giving heart massage, teammates and opponents crying, and a horrified Parken Stadium in absolute silence.

Less than 24 hours after a great start in Rome, the Euro 2020 has just been turned upside down in horror.

Reassuring news

After long minutes of treatment, behind the remarkable wall formed by the Danes to hide the scene from the cameras, Eriksen was finally evacuated behind a sheet. Hope returned a few minutes later as the Inter midfielder was photographed conscious, with his hand on his forehead, his eyes open and visibly alert. “The player is now hospitalised in a stable condition,” UEFA was quick to reassure, soon followed by the Danish FA. Reassuring news came slowly, and the player’s agent, Martin Schoots, announced on Danish radio station NPO Radio 1: “Christian Eriksen is breathing and can speak. He is awake. ”

After more than an hour’s interruption, the relief gradually overtook the horror. In the stands, the communion between the supporters of the two teams gives goose bumps. To the “Christian! ”the Danes responded with “Eriksen! to the “Christian!” chanted by the Finns, the Danes responded with “Eriksen! And it was finally at the request of the players, who could have discussed with the player himself via Facetime, that the decision was taken to resume the match. Kasper Schmeichel, the symbol of a heroic Danish team, went around to his partners: a friendly pat, a hug, a few words of comfort, before resuming the game. Hats off, gentlemen.

The football world in shock

While football is coming back to life in Copenhagen, reactions are pouring in from all over in support of the 2019 Champions League finalist and 2021 Italian champion. Some 1,500 kilometres away, in St Petersburg, Roberto Martinez’s emotions are palpable ahead of the match against Russia. “It was a shock for us. Some of them are team-mates and players who have shared a part of their career with him. The first thing we did was to send him positive vibes, and we hope he recovers very quickly,” said the Belgian coach. Soon followed by his striker, Romelu Lukaku, who dedicated his goal against Sbornaia to his Milanese friend, dropping an “I love you Chris” in front of the camera. Former team-mates, one-night opponents and simple lovers of the game all had a message for the Middlefart genius.

La défaite danoise face à la Finlande (0-1) passe finalement totalement au second plan. L’essentiel est ailleurs : Christian Eriksen a été ramené à la vie. Et ce soir, c’est tout ce que l’on a envie de retenir.

Christian Eriksen, the miraculous

Christian Eriksen, the miraculous
Christian Eriksen, the miraculous

In other news from the Danish team, Eriksen is awake and is due to undergo further tests in the coming hours, while the match between Denmark and Finland was finally able to resume at 8.30pm after consultation with both teams, UEFA said. The player’s agent Martin Schoots also said that the player could “talk” after talking to Eriksen’s father, and Danish media even claimed that the Inter midfielder was able to talk to his team-mates before the match resumed.

What a huge fright.

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