Discord and Spotify Are Both Down

Discord and Spotify Are Both Down

Two of the world’s most popular social services, Spotify and Discord, are currently down. Users are unable to access either platform, with Discord joking tweeting that it’s “time for everyone to go outside.”


Discord’s issues began at around 9am PT and have since persisted. Spotify, meanwhile, has logged users out and is currently inaccessible. You can check the status of both Spotify and Discord using Down Detector, IGN’s sister site.

According to Discord’s status page, the platform is “continuing to investigate the issue impacting the API to find root cause.” The update was sent at around 10:29 PST.

Spotify, meanwhile, simply tweeted, “Something’s not quite right, and we’re looking into it. Thanks for your reports!”

Spotify and Discord are currently trending on Twitter as users report errors and post memes, as they are wont to do.

IGN will continue to monitor the situation and post updates as they happen.