This pregnant mother worked two jobs to support her family. Here’s what her boss did

After a desperate situation, it is possible to see the end of the tunnel. That’s what happened to this mother of two, thanks to a Good Samaritan. The Good Samaritan is her generous boss who cares about the well-being of his employees, especially when they are involved in the company’s productivity.

Tami Forbes is a mother of two 8-year-old twins and pregnant with a third child. She is trying to make ends meet to support them. Her salary was not enough to support her entire family. The generosity of her employer is exemplary, as reported by the DailyNews media.

The employee was surprised by her boss’ announcement

Tami Forbes worked at the Key Lime Pie store and her salary was around 250 Euro per week. Her pay was not enough to cover expenses and take care of her family. To make up for the lack of money, Tami was forced to work as a waitress in a bar at night.

As the mother was preparing to take unpaid maternity leave and prepare for her delivery, her employer, Marcus Lemon, surprised her with a six-month salary offer. Following this announcement, the woman could not hold back tears of happiness and relief. The generosity of her boss is exceptional, just like this 23 year old restaurant owner who gives her unsold goods to the poor.

“I need your help before you leave. We need your help. To calm you down, I want to give you money. “I will pay you six months’ salary,” he told her.

But that wasn’t all. Another surprise awaited the mother when she returned from maternity leave. Her generous boss would have offered her to manage the store with a salary increase. She will now receive 1000 dollars, (the equivalent of 818 Euro) per week and will no longer need to work as a waitress. The mother will have more time to spend with her children and even her work.

The mother could not believe her eyes. She was in a hurry to embrace her benefactor after he told her the news. She now knows that she will be able to provide for her family and even save money and she thinks that is wonderful.

When generosity does good

Generosity does good to others but it also makes the generous person happy. According to psychotherapist Isabelle Filliozat, author of Les Autres et moi, giving is a fundamental need. Giving help, giving one’s time and attention, giving one’s money, reveals one’s capacity to share with others. “We bring something to others, we are meaningful to someone. We weave a link that feeds our natural compassion”, specifies the specialist. The psychotherapist adds that offering something necessary to a person who really needs it is what really makes you happy.

This was demonstrated in a research conducted by the neurobiologist Philippe Tobler, who studied the brain activity of a number of participants invited to offer a sum of 20 Euros to the person of their choice. It was found that these acts of generosity activated the areas of the brain related to pleasure. The study therefore concluded that human beings are happier to spend on others than on themselves.