Britney Spears joins Elton John for first song

Britney Spears is back

Spears teamed up with Elton John for the new song “Hold Me Closer,” a collaboration marking her first music release since her 13-year conservatorship was terminated late last year.

Released Friday, the track, which begins with a verse from John’s “The One,” is an upbeat bass-heavy take on his 1971 classic “Tiny Dancer,” featuring vocals from both singers and notable riffs from Spears. John announced the single on Instagram this month, sharing album art of the artists as children alongside a more recent photo of them both.

On Wednesday, Spears described the new studio recording on Twitter as “my first song in 6 years.” (The singles she released in 2020 were recorded around the time of her 2016 album “Glory.”)

In November, a California judge ended the conservatorship over Spears, an arrangement in which her father and others outside their household exercised almost complete control over her personal life and finances. Spears, who was placed under the conservatorship in 2008 after exhibiting erratic behavior in public, argued in court that it was “embarrassing” and “abusive” toward her.